Frequently Asked Questions

Click Login on the home page, then click Sign Up. Complete the required fields then go to your dashboard and click Create/Update Profile.

Complete all the fields and be sure to write a short, punchy description in the bio section explaining who you are, what you do and why you are great at it!

Load at least 5 high quality photos of yourself to your gallery and then click Save & Preview, then click Publish if you are happy with your profile.

Your listing will now be displayed on the results page.

Yes, once you have created an account, go to your dashboard, and click Create/Update Profile.

Each time you do this, you can create an additional profile.

A bio is description of who you are, what you offer and why you are great at it. It is a chance to give users a glimpse into your personality, work ethic and offerings.

A great bio will get more views and clicks to your profile so take your time to write a great introduction!

Multiple reviews and a high rating builds trust with users and leads to more enquiries. Encourage your clients to leave a review as it will help grow your earnings.

On the home page, click on Jobs Portal. Click Post a job.

Fill in all the fields and write a great job description. Click preview then click publish.

Massage Nation has a strict photo policy. Photos should be high quality, should show off your personality and give users an idea of who you are.

We do not accept sexually explicit images such as nudity. Keep it beautiful, elegant, and classy.

Log in to your profile, click Account, then scroll down and click Delete Account.

Log in to your profile, click Account, then scroll down and change your password.

Each time you update your profile, it will move to the top of listings. Try to update your profile regularly. Adding new images to your gallery and updating your bio regularly will bring more users to your profile.

Your profile contains an analytics dashboard. You can see how many times your profile was viewed weekly or monthly. You are also able to see how many users clicked on your phone number and WhatsApp tab.

You can also see how many reviews you have received, and users are also able to send you a direct message to your profile. These statistics can all be viewed from your dashboard.